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    API 5CT J55 casing is a seamless steel pipe applied in supporting the wall of petroleum and gas wells in order to ensure that the well is operating normally during and after the drilling process. Each oil well will need several layers of casings depending on the different drilling depth and geological conditions. 5CT seamless casing has an excellent elongation property. After the casing is installed in the well, the well is be cemented. So seamless steel casing is not reusable. Therefore, casing pipe consumption will occupy more than 70% of the whole oil well pipes.
    Properties: API 5CT casing tube is cooled after tempering process. This method can help the seamless casing avoid the high temperature brittleness and gain toughness, quenching method is adopted to reduce harmful elements and impurities effectively.
    Applications: J55 casing pipe is widely used in the foundation works of many industries such as petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water supply, thermal power generation, dredging engineering etc.
    Features of API 5CT J55 Casing Tube
    Strong, durable and reliable
    J55 casing tube has sturdy construction
    Economic rate of return is very high;
    J55 casing tube is light in weight
    Oil casing pipe is one of our main products. We will give you the products with competitive price in good quality:
    Size: 4 1/2”-20”
    Wall thickness: 0.224-0.514”
    Grade: J55,K55,L80,N80,C90,T95,P110,Q125
    Thread: STC,LTC,BTC
    Length: API 5CT standard,R1,R2,R3
    Package: Bundle or loose
    Chemical Composition:
    Standard codesModels of steel tubesChemical compositions(%)
    API SPEC 5CTJ55K55 (37Mn5)0.34~0.390.20~0.351.25~1.50≤0.020≤0.015≤0.15≤0.20≤0.20 ≤0.020
    N80 (36 Mn2V)0.34~0.380.20~0.351.45~1.70≤0.020≤0.015≤0.15 0.11~0.16≤0.020
    L80(13Cr)0.15~0.22≤1.000.25~1.00≤0.020≤0.01012.0~14.0≤0.20≤0.20 ≤0.020
    P110 (30CrMo)0.26~0.350.17~0.370.40~0.70≤0.020≤0.0100.80~1.10≤0.20≤0.200.15~0.25≤0.08≤0.020
    Mechanical Properties:
    Standard codesModels of steel tubesTensite strength(MPa)Yield strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Hardness
    API SPEC 5CTJ55≥517379~552check the table
    P110≥862758~965 Casing And Tubing factory