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    Our History
    Zhejiang Huawu Steel Structure Engineering Co.,Ltd. (Hereinafer refered to as ZHSS) is located in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Capital City, Zhejiang province, China and our Group company Zhejiang Huadong Steel & Metal Group, The Top 7th Largest Steel Structure Company in China and also one of the private backbone enterprises in Grande Hangzhou city Region.
    Huadong Steel Group is established in 1998 in Yiqiao town, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. Our registered capital is RMB 100,800,000 (US$16.5mil), Fixed assets are RMB 790,000,000(US$127mil), Our installation & overseas subsidiary ZHSS was established in 2004 with a high demand of EPC contracting and overseas projects development which lead us to organize a professional team and integrated resources. Our group has six subsidiary companies all involved in steel industry, including:
    (1)Hangzhou Huadong Steel Structure Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.: Steel Structure and Building System Manufacturing
    (2)Hangzhou Huadong Sheet Co.,Ltd : Galvanization, Galvalume and Precoated Steel Coil Group Company Members
    (3)Hangzhou Huadong Sheet Co.,Ltd : Galvanization, Galvalume and Precoated Steel Coil Manufacturing, the 2nd largest Galvanized Steel Coil Factory in China after Baosteel;
    (4)Zhejiang Huawu Steel Structure Engineering Co.,Ltd.: Steel Structure Installation & Oversea Project contracting
    (5) Hangzhou Pulinpaite Metal Material Co.,Ltd.: Steel Raw Material General Distributor in Hangzhou
    (6) Hangzhou Hualin High Strength Fastener Co.,Ltd: High Strength Bolt/Fastener Manufacturing
    Our main business is color coating steel coil, galvanized steel coil, steel structure project. The Huadong group sales revenue in 2014 is RMB 4,800,000,000.00(=USD 775million). We were honored as Hangzhou top 10 enterprises for 11 straight years.
    Our Factory
    As the subsidiary for the construction and oversea project executing dept. of Zhejiang Huadong Metal & Steel Group, we have more than 1100 employees, including professional and technical personnel 390 people, more than 30 professional construction team, others are listed as followings:
    – 215 administration staff,
    – 855 skilled labors and
    – 148 professional technicians out of which 7 people have National 1st class certified structural engineer certificate.
    – We have class 1 Registered Architect (PRC) 15 people
    – Class 2 Registered Architect(PRC) 24 people.
    – We have around 250 nos of National certified welders among which 35 international certificated welders.
    – Regular labors and other employees.
    Steel Structure Production base: 2 nos ( Yiqiao and Anqing)
    ※-Our steel structure production base in Yiqiao, Xiaoshan,Hangzhou, has totally 135000m2 workshop area. The main workshop area (for steel structure only) is 90000m2, and the storage area is 35000m2 and other service areas.
    ※-The production capacity is 200,000 tons per year for Yiqiao base and our current production capacity is 100,000 tons per year.
    ※-The area of Anhui Anqing production base is 173420m2. The main workshop area is 60000m2. This production base started from 2008 and the production capacity is 50000 tons per year.
    Our company production base covers an area of 260,000 square meters, annual output of 150,000 tons of steel and sheet nearly 2 million square meters, products and services to the whole country, and successfully entered the international market and more than 40 countries. The company made great importance to technical innovation and personnel training project, established municipal enterprise technological centers, and domestic institutions and the implementation of close cooperation. Also we have obtained the Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001: 2008(Certificate Number: 130035 by Sira Certification Service, England), Environment Management System Certificate ISO 14001: 2004(Certificate Number: 130034 by Sira Certification Service, England) and Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate GB/T 28001-2011 / OHSAS18001: 2007(Certificate Number: 130033 by Sira Certification Service, England)
    And we enjoy a high reputation among the world because of the good-quality goods and competitive prices. Company throughout in line with “unity enterprising, rigorous highly effective” spirit of enterprise, implementation “humanist” the principle, in the rich vigor’s staff troop, proposes the ponder, encourages to participation, displays each staff’s initiative and the creativity fully, grows strong unceasingly day by day by this in the intense market competition.
    Our Product
    Engineering & design, Fabrication & manufacturing, delivery and erection of the Prefabricated(pre-engineered) Steel Building, Space Frames, Portable Cabins, Tubular Steel Structures, basic building elements(built-up welded H-section, hot-rolled H-section, channel, steel column, steel beam),standard frames, secondary framing, roof & wall materials, sandwich panels and other steel structure projects such as industrial plant / workshop/factories, airport terminal, high-rise building, bridge, commercial center, exhibition hall, stadium and the like.
    Product Application
    Industrial plant, workshop, factories, airport terminal, high-rise building, bridge, commercial center, exhibition hall, stadiums, space frame, convention centers, transmission towers, telecommunication towers, reefer racks, water tanks, equipment platworks, etc.
    Our Service
    In adherence to the developmental strategy of “specialization of products, making scale of production, highlighting our know-how and building up strong steel structure industry”, we aim to be the top supplier for various steel structure products and new building materials, the integrated services provider for diverse steel structure construction system, and the excellent general contractor for the steel structure engineering and construction projects by leading the development of steel structure industry.
    We are to create the great cause of ZHSS. What ZHSS pursues is what we are chasing. Always keeping the development of ZHSS in mind, we are loyal and dedicated for the fulfillment of our mission.
    We are to realize dreams for our clients. Clients are always the most treasure we and ZHSS have.
    We are to provide benefits for our partners. The win-win situations for our partners and ZHSS serve as the basis for the success of ZHSS.
    We are to make the career of ZHSS people. ZHSS is a platform that ZHSS staff creates to seek career development and fulfill personal values.
    To be successful is the common ideal for both ZHSS and its staff. The success of ZHSS is the success of us ZHSS people, the success of our clients, and the success of our partners in pursuing win-win strategies and seeking common development.
    Dedication and commitment is to make possibilities out of the impossible.
    The commitment of ZHSS team is demonstrated in their sense of responsibility, their task orientation and meticulousness. To do everything well everyday; to find ways to success; never resort to excuses for failure; make everything possible.
    Be sincere to others, for you can only move others when you have done something to move yourselves.
    Be honest to yourself. Sincerity and honesty serves as the golden rule of dealing with people and business. Be more patient, modest, tolerate and compassionate. Honor our promises to clients, staff and ourselves. Reach our clients, colleagues, friends and family by our sense of responsibility and moving actions.
    Be responsible. This is not only concerned with the sense of responsibility that we pursue, but the spirit of daring and capabilities of shouldering liabilities we are endowed with. Regardless of whether it is for obligations or generosity; we will assume the responsibilities for the benefits of ZHSS. This is most encouraged, even at the price of occasional mistakes. No finger-pointing is understandable in this sense.
    Be a pioneer. This does not lie in the normal sense of innovations. The courage of doing something unparalleled and taking the road under-taken is advisable. Be persistent and adventurous. Never be afraid of failure. Only with the spirit of doing the undoable can we incredibly achieve what is supposed to be impossible.
    Honor our promise. Fulfill our promises to clients and staff. Be truthful in speech and resolute in action.cheap Building Steel Structure Installation Service