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    Our History: Gujiao Hmois Co., Ltd. Have in the Moissanite market for more than 20years, it’s a professonial manufacture of the sice wafer atal and crystal and loose moissanite and other moissanite Earring and Necklace and Braclet and other moissanite products.
    Our Factory: Since 2007, Hmois Sic Research Lab has begun it’s researches in Sic single crystal materials. With an investment of over 200 million RMB, HMOIS owns the whole R&D production Line for Sic material ranging from silicon carbide power. preparation, crystal growth,wafer processing to epitaxial testing, capable of an annual output of 2 tons of high-purity silion carbide powder and 3000pcs of high purity semi-insulating wafer, largely promoting the developmentof the domestic semiconductor materials. Supported by relevant national ministries and foreign professional experts from sweden, germany, Russia and Ukraine over years’research efforts. Hmois has successfully created the colorless D-grade moissanite, and created HMOIS product series.
    Our Product: Sic wafer atal, Crystals, loose moissanite, moissanite ring, moissanite necklace, Moissanite pendant, moissanite earring, moissanite Brooch
    Product Application: Sic Semi conductor, Jewelry, jewellery,pendant,bracelet,ring,earring,stud earrings
    Our Certificate: High tech company, ISO 9001 etc
    Production Equipment: Secret
    Production Market: USA and Australian and Russia, Thailand, Japan etc
    Our service: 365*7*24 hour servicewholesale Melee Loose Gem