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    302 Stainless Steel Pickling And Passivation
    Pickling passivation paste is a new high-tech materials of two-component research and development which using Japanese high-developed technology, stainless steel pickling & passivation combined.At the same time added a high degree of corrosion inhibitor, anti fogging agent, preventing the metal corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, Inhibiting the generation of acid mist.
    Basic Information
    Stainless steel pickling passivation paste (liquid: stainless steel pickling passivation solution) is a kind of chemical agent which can remove the yellow, blue, black spot and scale oxide after stainless steel welding and high temperature processing.It’s suitable for austenitic and other 300 series stainless steel.After acid cleaning and passivating by pickling passivation paste,it’ll form a complete passivation film on stainless steel surface and improves its corrosion resistance,makes the stainless steel surface brightness as new.
    In the process of pickling passivation It can simultaneously remove the oil, rust, welding spot, oxide layer, free iron and other dirt on the surface,form a uniform silver white after acid cleaning and passivation treatment.

    Pressure Vessel Pickling and Passivation Treatment
    Suitable for 300 series of stainless steel parts, plates, tanks, pipes and equipment.
    Product Advantages
    1.Reaction speedy, clear thoroughly, moderate viscosity, easy to observe, no corrosion to the substrate.
    2.No contain CL, P and other ions damage to the surface of stainless steel.
    3.It can be coated 3 square meters per kilogram,1-2mm coating thickness.
    4.Corrosion resistance can be increased to 15 to 50 times after passivation.
    5.Evenly applied to the surface of the workpiece, after 5-15min washing with plenty of water.
    Operation process
    1.With a soft cloth or silk brush applied to the surface of stainless steel, washing thoroughly with water.
    2.It needs 5-20 minutes under the normal temperature.Extend the reaction time according to the specific circumstances when under the normal temperature or dealing with the thick oxide and heat treatment end socket.
    3.In the outdoor or well-ventilated indoor during operation,once corrode the operator’s skin,water washing immediately.
    Storage & Package
    2.Stored in a clean, cool, dry warehouse, avoid direct sunlight.
    3.Store 2 years under normal temperature.
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    A:Surely our products can be customized as your need, we will adjust the formula as your request. Put on your logo is also available.
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    A:Our machine is packing with pallet and wrapping film, to make sure the products can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will also use wooden case to packing the barrel (if barrel package).
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    A:So far 100%T/T before shipment, and 50% deposit paid by T/T, balance need be paid before delivery.
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