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    Material: AS Body with PP pump
    Uses: lotion, cream, BB cream, liquid foundation, oil, condensation and other relatively thin cosmetics package
    MOQ: 10000pcs/item
    Airless Bottle Sizes:
    Product Description:
    The airless bottle is designed to be small and exquisite, can be carried anywhere, anytime, anywhere; with a protective cover, the liquid will not leak.
    The bottle can be used to pack water, lotion, cream, BB cream, liquid foundation, oil, condensation and other relatively thin cosmetics.
    There is a large bottle to carry out really is not convenient, and now well, with this little bottle you no longer worry about this. A new vacuum bottle design, isolated from the air, it does not spray a drop of waste, clean, and health! If you are on a trip, travel, use this airless bottle to fill lotion, this will be more convenient and environmentally friendly.
    Filling Notes:
    Vacuum bottles do not need a straw, there is a piston in the bottom, the piston will push the liquid up when you press the pump. After the piston reaches the top, you can use slender things (such as chopsticks) slowly push down the piston to achieve repeated recycling.
    The vacuum bottle must be full filled to use (touch the mouth of the vacuum pump), otherwise it may not squeeze. Vacuum bottle is without straw. When the liquid is pressed out, the piston will move up.
    If your liquid is less than the capacity of the bottle, for example, 10ml bottles intended to fill 3ml cream, you can use needle from bottle holes to push the piston up to the position you want.
    When all the emulsion is used out, open the pump head, with a small stick to push the piston down to the bottom.
    If the round clear travel cosmetic vacuum pump bottle caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality products with us. We’re one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, also offering you the customized service.airless container