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    100% Natural Rape Bee Pollen, Pure Rape Flower Bee Pollen
    Advantages: Premium quality; Be rich in varies nutrition; 100% Natural from unpolluted flowers;
    Rape Bee Pollen Granular is comprised of pollen collected by worker bees from the flowers of the rapeseed plant. This product exists as a light yellow colored granules. Rape Bee Pollen Granular is most commonly used as a functional food additive.
    Our natural source of rape bee pollen original ecological environment in China, from unique ecosystems rape planting base without any industry and pesticide pollution. Rape bee pollen is China’s most productive on bee pollen, rape bee pollen contains flavonol is higher, with resistance to hardening of the arteries, fall hematic fat and cholesterol, analgesia, radiation resistance, treating constipation etc, for the treatment of prostatitis efficient was 90%, and can prevent an enlarged prostate, prostate disorders, treatment of varicose ulcer is also available.Rape pollen can enhance capillary strength, reduce blood fat, for the treatment of diabetes, anemia, constipation, anti-cancer anti-cancer have curative effect, etc.
    Rape bee pollen is successfully being used to treat prostatitis and prostate enlargement. This herb, also called Canola, contains vital nutrients proven by the Chinese to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects on the prostate with no adverse side effects. Flower Pollen extract is aimed for treatment of prostate and urinary function of men. It also cleans the urinary tract of women. The supplement Flower Pollen is an extract of pollen, – a substance which consists of the male germ seeds of plants, flowers and tree blossoms.
    Main efficacy:Improve resistance, treatment of prostate, etc
    Appropriate crowd:All kinds of people, body weakness, prostate patient crowd etc.
    Indications:Activate blood and resolve stasis, removing toxicity for detumescence, relaxing bowels and relieving constipation, make you strong and robust.It has good effect on the diseases such as habitual constipation and old people’s lack of calcium.
    Our Major Bee Pollen:
    1.Rape Bee Pollen:
    Contain high flavonoids alcohol. It have the effect on anti-atherosclerosis, treatment of varicose ulcers, prostatitis, lower cholesterol and anti-radiation effect.
    2.Camellia(Tea) Bee Pollen:
    It’s amino acids ranking first in the common pollen, Trace elements and ascorbic acid content is also higher than other pollen. It have the effect on prevent
    arteriosclerosis and cancer, beauty skin care. In addition, it can be refreshing and enhance the excitability of nerve.
    3.Lotus Bee Pollen:
    Have the reputation of pollen king. Have the effect of uneasiness of mind,
    nourishing yin and tonifying spleen, detoxify, beauty and health, modulation of endocrine. Can be used treat dysentery,gastroenteritis,urination and edema hepatitis,Have special effects on prevent atherosclerosis,increased cardiac contractility,to speed up the heart rate,improve cardiac function,Long-term use,significant weight loss.

    Quick Details
    Product Type:Bee PollenPlace of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Golden Harvest
    Model Number:Rape pollenPackaging:CartonCertification:HACCP, ISO
    Grade:Grade oneShelf Life:24monthsWeight:25 kg
    Additives:noMax. Moisture (%):6%Protein (%):18 %
    purity:>90%Powder<2.0%Color:golden yellow
    Shape:granularNectar Source:Rape flowerStorage:The dry and cool place
    Rape Pollen Specifications:
    Physical ControlAppearance
    Flavor & OdorGolden Yellow Granular
    Chemical ControlMoisture
    Purity6.0% Max.
    18.0% Min.
    2.0% Max.
    90% Min.
    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Detail:Inner packing: Bags, 12.5kg or 25kgs per bag; Outer packing: Carton, 25kg per carton.
    Delivery Detail:14 days after place an order

    Our advantage:
    Focused on bee products for 20years;
    As a specialized manufacturer and exporter of bee products in China for 20 years;
    Any types bee products can be found here;
    Advanced equipment & ultimate production ability;
    High quality products;
    100% pure and natural products, no additive;
    Competitive price,top quality and fast delivery;
    ISO,HACCP Certificated;
    Products in bulk or retail package;
    Private label,complete OME Services
    Free sample available;
    Your inquiry will be replied to within the hour;
    We are very concerned both pre-sale service and after-sale service, you can fell the most satisfactory through the purchasing process;
    Win-win is our company’ aim.

    Our services:
    1. Professional pre-sales team:
    Being patient to learn clients’ need
    Suggesting item in according to clients’ need
    Being Patient to answer clients’ doubt
    2. Professional after-sale team:
    Keeping in touch with clients in order to let clients know process of the orders
    Technical support throughout whole transaction
    Designing suitable marketing plan
    Timing visit after transaction completed
    Being positive to answer occurring question during transaction

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